Mind Map for CCIE & CCNP Routing & Switching

I created a mindmap of topics that are covered on the current Cisco CCIE RSv5 lab exam to help myself study, and I thought my work might be useful to the general network community as well. I included CCNP R&S in the title, because there’s a lot of overlapping information that I think most people pursuing the CCNP might find useful as well. I have covered a lot of topics by way of configuration examples that I remember struggling with a little bit when I was studying for the CCNP (wow, it’s been five years already!).


This document contains a hierarchy of topics with their associated Cisco IOS configuration syntax. These commands should work on most versions of classic IOS and IOS-XE, versions 15 and later. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible with regard to the covered topics referenced against the current CCIE R&S blueprint, however it is next to impossible to truly cover every configuration aspect within a single document, mostly because any given topic set (and more) may be covered in any specific delivery of the lab exam. In other words, you won’t really know until you get there.

This document provides the configuration syntax for nearly all topics covered. In many cases, examples and explanations are also provided, but not for every single topic (you still need to do your homework first!). Likewise, verification commands are generally not included here, because that would have easily doubled or tripled the size. For any topic you wish to know more about, I highly recommend looking at the official Cisco documentation. Most topics have both explanations as well as configuration examples there. Much of what is contained in this document was sourced from the official Cisco documentation.

This document is NOT:

  • A hand-holding guide through all CCIE topics
  • Any sort of answer key for any sort of specific lab scenarios
  • A comprehensive guide to every possible topic you might encounter on the lab exam
  • A replacement for pretty much any other form of studying

That being said, this document can serve as a good supplemental quick-reference to the vast majority of topics on both the CCNP and CCIE Routing & Switching exams. CCIE topics are limited to the lab blueprint only (I didn’t cover IS-IS, for example).

The original version of this document will always be available here. It was created with the excellent and highly-recommend MindNode software for the Mac. I have included the original MindNode file here, and several other formats as well. The original MindNode file lets you expand and collapse branches of the tree as desired.

Some browser plugins may have trouble viewing some of these files. If a file does not display properly in your browser, try downloading the file and opening it with a different application.

Don’t forget about my 3500 CCIE flashcard deck, and my blueprint documentation reference guide. If you found this to be useful, please let me know on Twitter or LinkedIn. Thanks!

MindMap Overview